Captain Nexus

Nexus and Scopes close-upWelcome the science fiction world of Captain Nexus and his first mate, Scopes. Join them as they explore the universe while trying to protect the Border Space Worlds.

The Krilt's Secret Weapon (CN01)

The Krilt's Secret Weapon cover imageCaptain Nexus and First Mate Scopes are on a secret mission. The Border Space Worlds are in danger because the Krilt have a new secret weapon. Nexus and Scopes have to find it and destroy it! But are they ready for what they'll find?

Available at Amazon for the Kindle, for the Nook, and at Smashwords in a variety of formats, all priced at $2.99.

"The Krilt's Secret Weapon is a great Early Reader for children that like science fiction but aren’t ready for Science Fiction chapter books. This book will pull you right in on this mission immediately as you look at the map and go to work figuring out how far they have to travel and what will happen next! Will Captain Nexus follow orders that he has been given or will the mission call for him to do more? Will his team be able to get the secret weapon from the Krilts before they destroy the Border Space Worlds? This book will have your child begging for more. They will enjoy this amazing ride with Captain Nexus, Scopes, Dr. Lish and Freggy! This book will be great for children reading on a level 2-3." -- Carolyn Lowery, Librarian Assistant, Public Library-Central Branch, Forsyth County NC