Friday, June 29, 2012

Even Garfield Likes Easy Readers

Here's another interesting site I found that focuses on helping kids learn to read. Ironically, it features Garfield!

Garfield cartoonThe site is called Professor Garfield. According to the site:
"The Professor Garfield Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational collaboration between Paws, Inc., the global headquarters for Garfield the Cat, and Ball State University, a nationally recognized leader in teacher training and digital education."
In case you didn't know, Paws, Inc. is the company cartoonist Jim Davis started to handle Garfield's success. And the Professor Garfield Foundation was also Jim's idea to help combat illiteracy.

The page on this site that I want you to see is this one devoted to easy readers. If you want to write easy readers, you need to study lots of them to see all the different ways they're done. There are four different Garfield easy readers that you can download for free. That gives you some more examples to study, which is good.

But there are also some study aids for these books. That means you can see how these books are meant to be used to help kids learn how to read. And that may also give you some ideas that will help you in creating your own easy readers so they'll be more useful in helping kids want to read.

Who would have thought that a fat lazy cat could help you write easy readers?

The original picture came from, but it stopped displaying properly so the new one comes from Wikipedia.

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