Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Krilt's Secret Weapon

The first of my "first grade novels" is out!

The Krilt's Secret Weapon cover imageIt's a science-fiction story called The Krilt's Secret Weapon. It stars Captain Nexus and his first mate, Scopes, as they go on a mission to destroy a new secret weapon that threatens the Border Space Worlds. However, they're in for a surprise...

Most publishers say that kids don't read science fiction until around the 4th or 5th grade. My friend at the public library would disagree. Star Wars is incredibly popular with the young guys. In a similar way, I wanted to blend the idea of old movie serials with more modern serious SF (which can be written for this age group btw). So Captain Nexus is a blend of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, while I patterned Scopes after Doc Savage.

This is my first attempt at a full-blown science fiction story, but according to the librarian who checks my books I "nailed" the reading level. And it still sounds "adult enough" that she said it might even work as a hi-lo book, which are what adult literacy classes use.

The Krilt's Secret Weapon is available at Amazon for the Kindle, for the Nook, and at Smashwords in a variety of formats, all priced at $2.99.

And since the Smashwords-generated PDF won't be particularly attractive to a young reader, I've got a special PDF version available here on site -- also at $2.99 -- that my librarian friend loves. Just click on the Captain Nexus button under the header to find it. (Yes, Nexus gets his own page because this is the first of a series of books about him. Adults get science fiction series; why shouldn't younger readers?)

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